Trial News

October 3rd, 2018 By Catherine Hanna

Congratulations to Sarah Scott and David Plaut on another win at trial!  The case – Barbara Hernandez v. Terry Williams – was venued in Williamson County, Texas and tried before Judge John McMaster.  Plaintiff suffered from Guillaume Barre Syndrome and was allegedly hyper-sensitive to physical sensation.  The accident occurred on Red Bud Road near Highway 79 in Georgetown, Texas.  Plaintiff claimed she had the right of way and argued Defendant was driving illegally in the shoulder.  The parties disputed who had hit whom.  Plaintiff sought more than $70,000 in personal injury damages.  The jury, however, apportioned fault on a 50/50 basis and awarded only $5800 in damages.  The verdict was 5-1 with one dissenting juror who would have found no liability at all.