Happy Birthday to Us!!

February 20th, 2023 By Catherine Hanna

Hanna & Plaut is now old enough to rent a car! Twenty-five years ago, David and I sublet some space in that lovely black box Bank of America building on 6th & Congress, put Eric Peabody in a little cubbyhole called the snack closet, and crossed our fingers in the hope that the work would come in. And it did! We’ve had our challenges over the years – don’t ever try to sell printer toner to either one of us- but it has mostly been a fun and adventurous ride. We’ve worked with some really great professionals over the years and we’re lucky enough to have a fantastic team in place now. I know that David is excited about the next twenty-five years. I’m not sure I will last quite that long, but I am looking forward to seeing our young lawyers develop over the next few years . I’m confident they will be ready to take over the reins when the time comes to put me out to pasture!