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Thanksgiving 2020: In which we discuss the many reasons we have to be thankful, including but not limited to Dolly Parton!

November 24th, 2020 By Catherine Hanna

As we approach Thanksgiving this year, I know it will be different for many of us. There will be empty chairs at the Thanksgiving table, whether because of friends and loved ones we have lost this past year or because the pandemic has caused so many of us to curtail our traditional holiday gatherings. Still, there are reasons to be thankful and this year it may be more important than ever to count our blessings! When I polled my Hanna
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Happy New Year! High hopes for 2020!

January 15th, 2020 By Catherine Hanna

“A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.” ‘Tis the season. . . for goals and resolutions! Many people scoff at those of us who make New Year’s Resolutions, claiming they don’t work. That attitude may be accurate for many resolutions – even if we do lose those pounds, aren’t they more likely than not to come right back on? In fact, the trend these days, is to come up with goals or
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Happy New Year!

January 6th, 2019 By Catherine Hanna

The champagne is all gone and we have brushed the confetti out of our hair. As we look forward to a prosperous 2019, we look back on the year that’s now past. 2018 was another great year at Hanna & Plaut. We celebrated our 20th anniversary as a firm and David and I continue to celebrate the great team we have assembled! We did have some changes. Though we were sorry to lose Anne-Marie Abarado, who  left us to continue
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Plaut Spouts: Reflections of an Old Guy with a Corner Office

April 27th, 2018 By David L. Plaut

Two days after returning from a visit to Copenhagen to see our son who’s studying there, I tried and won a breach of contract case in a single day.  The case involved a contract dispute between two construction subcontractors about insurance coverage.  My client, a Spanish speaking stone mason, had been sued for failing to secure “completed operations” insurance coverage for another subcontractor.  We tried the case before Judge Eric Shepperd in County Court at Law No. 2 here in
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Plaut Spouts: Reflections of an Old Guy with a Corner Office

March 7th, 2018 By David L. Plaut

One of the great things about practicing law here at Hanna & Plaut is that you’re surrounded by quality people wherever you look.  Besides my savvy, highly accomplished trial lawyer partner Catherine – and yes, I know she needs no introduction – we have terrific lawyers, young and old.   I couldn’t be happier than practicing law here with these people. Last week I had the great pleasure of going to trial with two of our lawyers, Sheila Tan and Sarah
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Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary to Us!

January 14th, 2018 By Catherine Hanna

Happy New Year! Our blog took a little hiatus, but now we’re back and ready to take on 2018! While the new year is a time for reflection on years past and contemplation of goals for the future, this year presents a special oppurtunity for reflection at Hanna & Plaut as we celebrate 20 years as a firm! Many things have changed since 1998. For one thing, the Austin skyline has changed dramatically.   Austin 2018 The legal landscape for
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Cliché of the Day

June 2nd, 2017 By Todd Key

In law practice, as in life, we run across a number of clichés . We highlight these commonplace sayings in this new semi-regular feature. Today, Todd Key discusses “splitting the baby.” The Biblical tale arises from Solomon’s attempt to distinguish between two women who both claimed to be the mother of an infant. Solomon’s order to split the baby was a personality test to differentiate between the real mother and an imposter. According to the tale, the imposter mother was
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Friday Fun – Vacation Season

May 26th, 2017 By Catherine Hanna

Memorial Day is upon us. On this day, we remember and honor those brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom. “They hover as a cloud of witnesses above this nation.” — Henry Ward Beecher Memorial Day also marks the traditional beginning of summer vacation season. Here at Hanna & Plaut, we’ve filed our vacation letters and we’re ready for some r&r. Vacations bring some of our most lasting memories – both bad and good.
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Friday Fun – Sports Edition

March 31st, 2017 By Catherine Hanna

March Madness is upon us and our thoughts have turned to sports. I’m dead last in our office pool so I don’t care that much, other than to say that I like bulldogs better than gamecocks and ducks better than whatever Tar Heels are, so count me in for a Gonzaga/Oregon final.  I’m much more interested in that other Final Four. Fear the Tree! I recently surveyed my co-workers about their favorite sports. I was not surprised to learn that we
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Spring in Austin brings bluebonnets, music, and crowds.

March 17th, 2017 By Catherine Hanna

Spring has sprung in Austin and we are in what the mayor calls “Festival Season.” You may have heard of SXSW (South by Southwest), the little music festival we have every March. What started small has turned into quite the juggernaut. The organizers describe it as “one of the largest and most influential global music industry events of the year.“ It is a great celebration of music and gives artists who might not otherwise get noticed an opportunity to shine.
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